Like many of you, we have navigated some challenging times in the insurance marketplace. Yes, inflation has household and business budgets strapped!  Labor costs, and buidling materials have fluctuated and there is just so much uncertainty regarding other economic factors.  As a result, we have been forced to revisit, rethink, and reconsider our agency’s position in the local marketplace and beyond. As an independent insurance agency, nestled in the heart of Little Rock, Arkansas, we have aligned with insurance companies, Carrier & Broker Partners, that are open for business. This alignment allows us to truly put the needs of our customers first, while staying true to our agency values where coverage is the cornerstone! 

We have relationships with multiple insurance carriers, allowing us to match our clients with some of the top-rated and financially stable brands in the industry!

We never want to be known as the primary source for cheap insurance rates.  We have remained relevant for over a decade now by staying abreast of industry trends and helping clients navigate life events with insurance solutions.  We work hard to help customers understand their coverage and policy limits, while offering competitive car insurance rates, competitive homeowners inurance rates, and competitive business insurance across the entire state of Arkansas!  That’s right! We don’t just offer insurance in Little Rock, Central Arkansas and surrounding areas, we provide insurance solutions and service clients in all parts of Arkansas. 

We don’t try to be all things to everyone, but many people are surprised to learn that the most important policy that we offer is Life Insurance.  In addition, we will continue to leverage technology in order to deliver higher levels of customer service!  We believe that our physical office location positions us as an anchoring, collaborative community partner!

We are here to help reimagine what it means for you to protect your quality of life, your family and/or your business. Sure today’s consumer is smart enough to figure it out, but why go at it alone? When you think of insurance… think of the Ivan Hudson Agency!

Let's Get You Protected!